Trump Biographer Reveals Startling Reason Trump Might Be Hiding His Tax Returns

Trump's lies just got BLOWN UP!

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As Special Counsel Robert Mueller zeroes in on Donald Trump and his corrupt family, the president’s lies are being exposed one by one. And that’s not even the only thing Trump has to worry about — even his closest confidants and those who know him best are turning on him, revealing the truth to America.

Trump biographer David Cay Johnston knows the president better than most, and in a report in the Daily Beast the biographer revealed a stunning reason why the president might be fighting so hard to keep his tax returns from becoming public.

After Michael Cohen’s brutal testimony this week, the president’s finances were in question after the former Trump lawyer stated the president had inflated his net worth countless times over his career. This has inspired Johnston to back Cohen up, and deliver a bombshell that no one saw coming — Trump actually might be broke! In talking about Trump’s failed attempt to buy the Buffalo Bills, Johnston said:


Trump’s financial fakery is good enough to fool millions of Americans, but not the members of the most exclusive rich people’s club in America, the National Football League team owners. What Trump does is spend enough money to create the appearance of being a billionaire, something I’ve been reporting since I got hold of his financial statement in 1990, which showed he was no billionaire.”

Johnston also stated that Trump isn’t even close to being a billionaire, even though the president continues to claim he is one:

Creating a lifestyle that lets him pose as a billionaire costs less than $12 million annually, I estimate. And he achieves that not through building wealth, but through his work as a financial locust who devours other people’s money through moving from one shady deal to the next. Along the way he cheats banks, investors, workers, and governments at all levels.”

Johnston also made a prediction that America will eventually get to see Trump’s tax returns thanks to the new Democratic majority in the House of Representatives who are working to make them public knowledge:

When we see Trump’s tax returns, as we can expect to soon thanks to a 1924 anti-corruption law, you can get bet his income won’t support a net worth anywhere near even one billion dollars. And don’t be surprised if his net worth turns out to be less than zero, as Trump was forced to admit in 1990 when I reported that his net worth was negative $295 million, meaning that you are probably worth more than Donald Trump.”

When Trump’s facade is finally broken, it’s going to be a SAD day for the president and his fans.

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