Nancy Pelosi Describes Her First Meeting With Trump, Was Unlike Anything She’s Ever Experienced Before

Nancy Pelosi describes her first meeting with Trump as 'weird.' You think?

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Donald Trump is a “weirdo” according to comments made by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. When she first met Trump, she was thrown aback by his unorthodox aloofness. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Pelosi went in-depth into how flippin’ odd her initial interaction was with Trump:

We would have normally been in a Cabinet Room, but he wanted to do this in the East Wing for some reason, so we could have snacks or something…It was weird. But anyway, so we’re in this meeting, and I’m thinking, ‘How will he begin this historic meeting? Will he quote the Bible? Will he quote the Constitution or any of our founders? Will he tell a personal story of his family, and what this means?'”

Having snacks in the “East Wing” probably involved McChickens, Diet Coke, and slabs of steak drenched in copious amounts of Heinz Ketchup. Trump then said:

You know I won the popular vote?”

Nancy, stunned, responded with resolute, factual gumption:


‘Mr. President, that is not true,’ I say. ‘That is not true. What you are saying has no evidence, no data, no truth, no fact to it.'”

Trump’s infuriating statements know no bounds — does he remember that he lost the popular vote by millions? And no, millions of illegal immigrants bused in from Central America weren’t responsible for it — in actuality, the only proven instance of voter fraud in recent elections on a mass scale was what transpired in the North Carolina Special Election, whereby the “winner” resigned after it was revealed that his campaign employees filled out ballots and stuffed them in ballot boxes for voters. (Republicans have stayed quite mum on this factual tidbit — chirp to the chirp, tumbleweed, owl hooting, etc.)

Trumpanzees like to point out Trump’s bold, outsider approach to politics — but what they fail to see is Trump’s approach is nothing more than insanity masked by a false measure of success.

Being a billionaire doesn’t make you smart, especially when you start out with $400 million from Daddy.

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