Trump Asks Woman Where Her Family Is Right After She Tells Him They Were Killed By ISIS In Visibly Awkward Encounter

This is cringe-worthy.

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Just when you think you’ve seen every part, understood every angle, of clips of the President being a jackass, boom — like a scene from a movie you never noticed, you realize the worst thing you thought he said wasn’t even CLOSE to the worst thing he said.

Looking back at the footage of Trump’s Wednesday meeting in the Oval Office with survivors of religious persecution from all over the world. We were first taken by the fact that Trump had no idea one of his guests was a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Then what struck us was his ignorance of both geography and history when he asked a Rohingya from Myanmar — a group that’s been persecuted in the same country for nearly a centurywhere on the map his country was.

But today we can’t help but notice something we missed in his exchange with Nadia Murad, the Nobel laureate Yazidi woman.


Not only was Trump, who would later ask her if and why she won the Nobel Prize after being told twice already by Ambassador Sam Brownback, barely listening to her story, but he wasn’t even listening to the most important parts of it — like the part about her family being killed.

When ISIS attack us in 2014, they killed six of my brother. They killed my mom. They took me to captivity with my eleven sister-in-law, with all my sister and my nieces.”

That’s the first time she told him. Murad went on to describe her people’s ordeal:

My people cannot go back. We are not million of people, we are only half million people. And after 2014, about 95 years — 95,000 years, Yazidi, they immigrate to Germany through a very dangerous way. Not because we want to be a refugee, but we cannot find a safe place to live. All this happened to me. They killed my mom, my six brothers–”

And it’s at that very strange point Trump decided to interject the question, “Where are they now?”

The incredulous Murad could only answer for the third time, “They killed them. They are in the mass graves in Sinjar.”

Clearly, Donald Trump is only thinking about what clever thing he has all ready to say, as soon as all the other people stop talking. Watch:

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