Trump Appears To Lose His Cool After He’s Asked About Impeachment, Lies And Says He’s Ahead In The Polls

Did he forget his Benzos this morning?

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Donald Trump is a sensitive little man — one with virtually no patience and an ego that could swallow this entire country whole. He loves nothing more than to be doted on and revered and the phrase “constructive criticism” doesn’t exist in his vocabulary — which is an unfortunate thing for someone that may very well be one of the most deeply loathed human beings to have ever existed in the history of ever.

So naturally, when Donald is subjected to the relentless onslaught of just plain criticism (because, let’s face it, no one’s even trying to be “constructive” with that guy anymore) he reacts the same way any other narcissistic, egotistical, blowhard bag of dicks would — with the fury of the thousand fluorescent, artificial suns that gave him his putrid skin tone.

Trump displayed as much today when he was confronted by reporters outside of the United Nations building in New York who questioned him regarding the House of Representatives’ sudden influx of calls for impeachment in the wake of his Ukraine scandal.


“It’s ridiculous, it’s a witch hunt!” Donald cried out in response to the reporter’s questions about impeachment.

He then went on to fall back on one of his most favorite lies, claiming that he’s destroying his Democratic competition in recent polling, despite the fact that he’s actually getting positively crushed in every aspect.

“I’m leading with polls,” he loudly declared. “They have no idea how they stop me, the only way they can try is through impeachment!” Then he quickly proceeded to turn to his second most favorite fallback — flipping the narrative on someone else by screaming and ranting about Joe Biden being “corrupt” despite the fact that he, of course and as usual, has absolutely no evidence to back his hairbrained claims.

Could someone within that shitshow of an administration please point out to him that according to Real Clear Politics, Trump is at a 12 point loss to Biden, a 6.5 point loss to Sanders, and a 5 point loss to Warren?

He’s positively fucked in the polls and quite frankly, someone needs to tell him.

You can watch the clip here:

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