Dem House Leadership Source Reveals Nancy Pelosi Will Make Tuesday Afternoon Announcement In Favor Of Impeachment

Buckle up, buttercups.

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Howard Fineman, the global editorial director for the Huffington Post, knows his shit. That’s why, when I saw him tweet just moments ago that a “very solid” source within House Democratic leadership had whispered something groundbreaking in his ear, I sat up straighter.

It was easy to see a swell of support coming for impeachment over the last few days. With the outrage over Trump’s apparent quid pro quo with Ukraine to find “dirt” on his foremost political rival, Joe Biden, it turns out we never even needed the transcript of the telephone conversation Trump had with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky — we had confirmation that the White House withheld material support from Ukraine until it extracted a promise to investigate Biden, and it came from not just Trump’s haphazard personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, not just from poor sap of a Vice President Mike Pence, but from Trump himself.

Now Fineman’s tweet has got me giddy. First the news that 20 more Democrats in the House had signaled their support for impeachment, and then this:


Can you hear the collective sigh of relief from America yet? If Nancy announces this afternoon that she intends to pursue impeachment, it will mark a corner turned that we never thought we’d see the other side of. At every new indiscretion, Pelosi and Democratic leadership seemed to urge caution and a light touch, lest they lose what they think will be their one chance to do this President in.

But at this point, it doesn’t matter what the Senate does. America is crying out to be rid of this foolishness and rid of Trump, and the Senate will be hard-pressed to vote against his conviction with the literal mountains of evidence of Trump’s impeachable offenses.

And if they do, they will be historically remembered as the cowards who continued to enable a failing President while the nation was faltering.

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