Trump Appears To Distract From His Own Conflicts Of Interest By Saying Obama Is Violating Emoluments Clause Even Though He’s A Private Citizen

That's not how it works, halfwit.

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Donald Trump is a sensitive little boy deep down underneath all that egotism and narcissism and because of that he simply cannot, under any circumstances, tolerate the tiniest shred of criticism. This spells out some really bad days the Trumpster considering there’s so much to criticize him over.

To ease his anxiety and hopefully make everyone like him a little better — while simultaneously once again demonstrating that he doesn’t have a single clue about how the United States government works — Trump resorted to one of his most favorite coping mechanisms — blaming and attacking his predecessor Barack Obama.

During a trip to speak at the Shell Factory in Pennsylvania yesterday, which quickly and unsurprisingly turned into a campaign rally on the taxpayers’ dime, Trump took the opportunity to piss and moan about the backlash he’s received over his constant profiting off of the presidency.


But, of course, he immediately deflected that shit onto Obama by attempting to claim that the former president violated the emoluments clause when he signed a book deal for $65 million — as a private American citizen.

NBC News reported that Trump stated, “I got sued on a thing called ’emoluments.’ Now nobody looks at Obama getting $60 million for a book. That’s OK, even though nobody in history ever got that much money for a book… But with me, it’s everything.”

NBC News was quick to point out, “Barack Obama and Michelle Obama signed a joint book deal for $65 million in 2017 after Obama had left office. The emoluments clause applies to federal officeholders, not private citizens.”

But you’ll never convince that blowhard that he’s not being wildly mistreated and “discriminated against.”

Anyone else think that Trump’s just butthurt because Obama got more money for his book than he’s ever gotten for anything with his name slapped on it? Or is that just me?

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