Trump Adviser Busted Scamming Money Off The Elderly, Gave Himself A Six Figure Salary

This is just sickening.

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When it comes to the Trump administration, Donald himself isn’t the only crooked one by a long shot. If an official is or was a part of anything from his transition to his campaign to his current presidency, there’s a damn good chance they’re just as sleazy as the Trumpster.

David Bossie, Donald’s deputy campaign manager during the 2016 campaign and trusted advisor, is a prime example of the corruption within the Trump administration — after getting caught swindling elderly people out of their hard earned money and benefiting off of it personally.

Bossie heads a group called the Presidential Coalition, which promotes Donald Trump as well as other conservative Republicans. A report by Campaign Legal Center, a group that watches and investigates campaign finances, has revealed that Bossie poured an enormous amount of the $15.4 million dollars his group raised over the past two years back into the Presidential Coalition.


A staggering 97 percent of the funds raised actually went to Bossie and his employees — with Bossie himself raking in a six-figure annual salary. That left only 3 percent of donations actually going to support candidates.

To make matters even worse, Bossie intentionally targeted the elderly with his scheme. The group utilized Facebook ads and sent out mailers “overwhelmingly targeted to, and viewed by” people over the age of 65, featuring a photo of himself with Trump to manipulate the relationship he has with the president. Recipients of the mailers and donors to the group were falsely led to believe that their donations were going directly to support the president and his campaign.

Many victims of the scam have spoken out saying they “thought the money was going toward the president.” One woman stated, “I’m old and easily fooled I guess.”

Even George Kunkle, the group’s biggest individual donor claimed that he was under the impression that his donations went “toward supporting the president.”

Bossie has a long, shady past including being fired as a Republican investigator after attempting to fabricate transcripts that implicated Bill Clinton for things he didn’t do. But of course, that didn’t stop corrupt Trump from punting him to the top. Because when does corruption ever stop Donald Trump?

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