Michael Cohen Makes Ominous Pre-Jail Statement, It Should Terrify Trump

These words will haunt Trump.

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The breakdown of Donald Trump’s relationship with his longtime lawyer and once-trusted “fix it” man Michael Cohen has been astounding to see play out in the public eye. These two men have turned on each other and Cohen appears to have had an ethical epiphany while facing criminal charges for his role in protecting the president.

Now that Cohen is going to jail to serve a three-year prison sentence thanks to his involvement with Trump, he decided to use his final moments of freedom to terrify the president right before heading to Otisville Federal Correctional Institution.

Outside of his home in New York City, Cohen spoke to reporters and left Trump with a few words that will haunt the president every day while Cohen sits in jail. Taking one last jab at his former boss, Cohen insulted everything that Trump stood for when he said:


I hope when I rejoin my family and friends that the country will be in a place without xenophobia, injustice, and lies at the helm of our country.”

Cohen also warned the president that even though he was going to be behind bars for a few years, he is far from finished trying to right his wrongs and expose Trump’s lies.

There still remains much to be told. And I look forward to the day that I can share the truth. And thank you all very much.”

After making this last statement, Cohen hopped into an SUV, making this his final public message to the President of the United States. You can watch Cohen’s statement below:

Since his breakup with Trump, Cohen has been desperately trying to right many of his wrongs. And now that he’ll have more than enough time to himself to think while he’s behind bars, the president should be very worried about what’s going to happen when Cohen gets out.

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