Trump Admits Defeat At Rally, Infuriates His Own Supporters By Confessing Democrats Could Win

This will infuriate every Republican.

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As we’ve seen from his Twitter activity, Donald Trump is getting pretty nervous about the upcoming midterm election and knows he has something to worry about. Today at a campaign rally in West Virginia, Trump made the rare move of actually admitting that things could go pretty badly for the Republican Party after November 6th.

During this rally, Trump disappointed his crazed supporters by warning them that the Democrats actually did have a chance to take back the House majority — a truth that he has pretty much been ignoring and lying about up until this point. Fear mongering as usual, Trump trashed Democrats and told his fans:

They will try to erase our gains and eradicate our progress. That’s what’s going to happen.

It will be ridiculous, frankly. It’ll be bad for our country. The Democrats – and it could happen, could happen.We’re doing very well and we’re doing really well in the Senate, but could happen.”

At this painful dose of reality, Trump’s fans began to boo and protest at what their racist president was telling them — and he immediately decided to backpedal and say something to save his own a*s. Quieting his insane voters, he assured them that he will “just figure it out” — which is a sure signal that whatever solution Trump conjures up is going to go terribly wrong. The president said:


And you know what you do? My whole life, you know what I say? Don’t worry about it, I’ll just figure it out.”

It was a strange statement to make from someone who has been entitled and privileged throughout their entire life, but his fans ate it up just like he knew they would. This should make the GOP furious, as Trump paints himself as a fearless conservative savior that could save the party — especially since he is the one who destroyed it.

Watch Trump crush his supporters’ hopes below:

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