Former Generals Defy Trump In Brutal Interview, Blast Him For Exploiting Military For Midterm Gains

The military is FED UP with Trump.

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Donald Trump will exploit anything for his own personal gain and the advancement of his agenda and the Republican Party — and America is starting to speak up and tell him that we’re not having it.

Recently, several former generals who no longer need to answer to the president have decided to speak out against Trump and condemn him for exploiting the U.S. military in hopes of making gains on Democrats in the midterm election. Most recently, the president has been fear-mongering about the caravan full of immigrants heading toward the border, stating that we need more troops at the border to protect America. In an interview with the Washington Post, these generals called this plan to send thousands of troops to the border “wasteful.” One former general even called Trump’s demands for military personnel at the southern border a “political stunt.”

Retired Lt. Gen. David Barno stated that Trump’s plans put the U.S. military in “a highly politicized environment regarding immigration.” Retired Gen. Martin Dempsey, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, also said that Trump’s plans were “wasteful deployment of over-stretched Soldiers and Marines.” Former general and Secretary of State Colin Powell also added his input:


I see no threat requiring this kind of deployment.”

Other retired military men used the interview as an opportunity to fact-check the president’s claims that the caravan was full of terrorists and people who were a threat to America. Retired Lt. Gen. Jim Dubik said, “A sizable portion of those coming are women and children.” He continued:

The real issue is whether the military is being used for partisan political purposes. If that’s the case, then I think such a use represents not just a wasteful deployment but a dangerous one. It’s dangerous because it will politicize the use of force in ways a democracy should avoid.”

The Washington Post also pointed out that Trump has taken on the military base as if it were a prop for his own agenda. The Post said:

More than any other president in recent decades, Trump has spoken of the military as if it were part of his political base, rather than an apolitical defender of the nation. He placed several retired generals in his cabinet. In speeches before military audiences, at which presidents usually steer clear of politics and focus on foreign policy or praise troops for their sacrifice, Trump has bragged to the troops about the size of his electoral win.”

Trump’s constant exploitation of this country’s resources is pathetic and the number of times he has been called out by the experts in our country is unprecedented. You can read more of what these retired military members said here. 

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