Traitor Trump Goes On Russian TV, Calls Putin “A Terrific Person” While Trashing John McCain

He's stabbing America in the back!

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Donald Trump’s standards for admiration are lack-luster, at best. He praises the likes of Noth Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and Russian President and election-hacker Vladimir Putin. But when it comes to someone like the late war hero, Senator John McCain, he hates his guts because he gave him a thumbs down vote on a shitty healthcare reform bill — and still can’t shut up about it, even after his death.

Evidently, that’s exactly what Trump did once again today when he sat down with reporters from Russian state TV and, according to Russia media analyst Julia Davis, expressed his love for Vladimir Putin while simultaneously firing shots at the deceased American war hero, John McCain.

David took to Twitter and posted a series of tweets explaining what went down:


“Trump engages with Russia’s state TV, gives a brief interview to the same television station that routinely mocks him (Rossiya 24), repeatedly says that Putin ‘is a terrific person’ and insists that Russia and the U.S. should do more trading.”

The Daily Beast writer went on to claim that Donald also took the time out of the interview to specifically belittle the GOP senator that tanked his sorry excuse for a healthcare reform bill. Tweeting, “Trump: ‘I was never a fan of John McCain and I never will be… I never liked him much.'”

As if it weren’t enough for Trump to be a complete embarrassment on American soil day in and day out, the man has to go and make a complete fool out of himself and this country when he’s away, as well. And on Russian state-TV, no less. Though, we suppose it isn’t really all that surprising. Considering that state-run media is only allowed to talk about how great the president is-this is exactly what Donald’s dreams are made out of.

You can read Davis’ tweets here:

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