Top Republican Exposes Trump’s Odd Behavior During Golf Outing, Proves POTUS Is Terrified Of Mueller

This proves that Trump is quivering inside over his Russian investigation!

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Donald Trump has been whining about the Mueller probe being nothing more than a witch hunt, a hoax, and many other things for months. He’s been doing his best to throw everyone else under the bus to save his own a** (even his own son) and regularly attacks the media for reporting on Mueller’s progress. One top Republican, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), has finally spoken up and encouraged the president to just shut up and stick it out. And in doing so, Graham exposed how Trump really feels about his investigation.

Yesterday, during a Greenville County Republican Party event, Graham joked about the strange behavior he’d seen from the president just days ago when they were on a golf outing (no surprise). When he was asked a question about ending the Mueller probe by an audience member, Graham said that the president couldn’t stop talking about the investigation. He said:

Did Trump ask that question? He must have mentioned that about 20 times.”

Graham also urged the president to think about what might happen to the GOP if the Mueller probe were to end, suggesting that the Republican Party’s reputation would be damaged more than it already is. He said:


I want to win in November. If we stop the Mueller probe tomorrow, you wouldn’t be able to talk about anything else. I told the president this: I promise you, you’ll be treated fairly. I promise you that the people who put the Clinton investigation in the tank, they’re going to have their day too.”

Graham said that he’d stay out of Mueller’s way and tried to send Trump a comforting message, even though it was horribly misguided:

I’ve been looking at this for two years. I find zero evidence of you colluding with the Russians. Trump beat Hillary Clinton, not the Russians. I don’t think he colluded with the Russians ‘cause I don’t think he colludes with his own government, so why do we think he would’ve colluded with the Russians?”

This pretty much confirms all suspicions that Trump is unhealthily obsessed with Mueller and his Russia investigation. It’s all he can think and talk about. Somehow Graham can’t see that Trump’s behavior doesn’t match up with someone who believes they are innocent.

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