Republican Voter Sends Brutal Midterm Message To GOP About Trump, This Will Change Everything

If the GOP ignores this message, they will regret it in November.

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The Republican Party desperately needs to get the president under control if they’re going to have any chance in the November midterm elections. What a conservative voter just admitted on national television is going to ring true to several other voters, and if the GOP doesn’t listen, they will regret it.

NBC News just did a news segment in which they interviewed voters in Ohio to see how they voted in the special election. It didn’t look good for the Republican Party with midterms around the corner. When a conservative voter was asked to defend how he voted in the Ohio House special election, this voter stated that if Republicans would not control Trump and put the brakes on his insanity, voters would put their support behind Democratic candidates that would. He said:

This is really more about sending a message, you know. I mean, the Republicans have to wake up. If they are not going to be a brake on this guy, then we vote for the other side. I think a lot of people are really scared.”

You can watch this moment below:


The current election between state Sen. Troy Balderson (R) and Franklin County recorder Dan O’Connor (D) is very close, despite being in a historically red state for decades. Despite the fact that Trump is aggressively campaigning for Republican candidates right now, it doesn’t seem to be helping as his rallies are usually about promoting himself than the GOPers he’s supposed to be supporting.

If Republicans don’t want to drown in the midterms, they will heed this voter’s warning. Americans are terrified of Trump and what he’s doing to America, so they want to put people in office who will hold him accountable and stand up to him. Voters are losing faith that Republicans will fight for them.

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