Things Get Real Awkward In The White House As Jared Kushner’s Own Lawyer Praises Robert Mueller

This is WILD.

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Donald Trump may be doing his best to discredit special counsel Robert Mueller by repeatedly trashing him on Twitter, but there’s one person who doesn’t believe one word of it — the lawyer for Trump’s own son-in-law! In clear opposition to everything Trump is trying to do, Jared Kushner’s lawyer is speaking out against the president and praising the special counsel loud and clear — as if things couldn’t get more awkward between Kushner and Trump.

The president and his son-in-law have a strained relationship that goes back even before Kushner followed Trump into the White House as part of The Donald’s administration. It’s been reported that Trump has publicly trashed Kushner, stating that he felt his daughter Ivanka could have done better in a spouse and wishing that Ivanka had chosen Tom Brady instead. Not to mention the mounting tensions in the Trump administration — and now this? Things are about to explode between Trump and Kushner!

Abbe Lowell, the attorney for Kushner, stated that he’s never seen a special counsel do a better job than Mueller. In a statement on Thursday, he said:


I don’t know of a special counsel who’s done it better.”

Lowell also defended the team running the Russia investigation and expressed “great confidence in the career public servants,” which includes U.S. Attorney General William Barr.

This is likely going to make Trump more furious with Kushner than he’s ever been, and going to cause some very uncomfortable conversations (and probably temper tantrums) in a White House that is already looking like it’s on its last leg. And because Trump always blames everyone else for his problems, this is going to fall squarely on Ivanka’s husband rather than the fact that Trump’s corrupt behavior is finally catching up to him. The country trusts Robert Mueller far more than the president — even those close to him.

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