Americans Horrified After Trump’s Latest Tweet Could Inspire Another Terrorist Attack

Our own President, using the same language as the New Zealand terrorist.

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President Trump’s compassion for those involved in the attack on a New Zealand mosque this morning was certainly short-lived. He eventually sent out a tweet this morning offering his condolences to the victims of the atrocity. But he was quickly back to horrifying the entire country and causing us all to collectively gag when he began harping on the “invasion” of immigrants at the border before New Zealand has even had the chance to finish the body count.

Trump signed a veto today after his national emergency declaration was rejected. And he wasted no time in using the tragic events of this morning to push his own agenda. He took just a moment of his time to describe the mosque massacre as a “horrible, horrible thing” and stated that he even called the New Zealand Prime Mister to convey “sorrow” from the US. But then nearly in the same breath, he reminded everyone that there are still “crimes of all kinds coming through our southern border.”

He went on to state, “People hate the word invasion, but that’s what it is.”


The Twitter-verse was quick to slam Trump for not only pushing his psychotic wall down our collective throats but for using such a heartbreaking attack for his own gain and perpetuating violence to essentially inspire the next hate attack.

You don’t get to spew out obligatory condolences and then turn around and manipulate a group of people’s heartbreak to push your own hate-filled agenda. Trump’s world of free-for-all white supremacy is what caused this. The last thing that the president of this nation should be doing is encouraging the same acts of violence on a different group of brown people.

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