Stunning New Report Shows Trump Killing U.S. Jobs While Dems Create Them

Trump's been bragging about his record on jobs. Here's what's really going on.

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Donald Trump loves to brag about his progress on job creation and the economy, but he never tells the full story because once you look at the entire picture, things don’t look too good for him. It’s exactly why the president needs to rely on right-leaning, biased polls whenever he talks about his approval rating, because the real numbers are pathetic.

A new report has just been released by the Associated Press, and it’s going to put a big damper on Trump’s parade. Trump may like to praise himself for his jobs record, but the data actually shows that Trump is hurting his own voters. The report states that the areas in the U.S. that supported Trump are actually losing jobs. In comparison, areas of America that voted for Hillary Clinton and were largely Democratic have been adding jobs.

According to new job growth statistics, the country as a whole will add approximately 2.6 million jobs this year — however, most of these jobs will go to Democratic areas of the country. In fact, during Trump’s presidency, almost 60 percent of all job gains have been in Clinton-backed areas.


You can imagine why Trump wouldn’t want this to get out! This means that most of those jobs are going to urban areas, packed with racial diversity and lots of immigrants. If that isn’t enough to make a Trump supporter explode, I don’t know what is. To make matters worse, over 35 percent of Trump-loving counties have lost jobs, compared to only 19.2 percent of “blue” counties losing jobs.

People voted for Trump because they believed his outrageous lies about being able to bring back jobs. Now, they’re waking up to see that they’ve been duped. One thing is for sure, once Trump supporters find out the truth about how Trump is impacting jobs in America, they’re not going to be happy. Trump and all the candidates he endorsed can kiss the midterms goodbye.

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