Fox News Shows Their Incompetence After Repeating Incorrect Giuliani Tweet About Chicago Murders

Someone needs to get their stories straight.

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Donald Trump’s chief legal counsel is, well… It’s hard to describe Rudy Giuliani, honestly. Eleven years ago, the guy many believe will be the Democratic front-runner for the 2020 nomination, Joe Biden, had this to say about Rudy:

There’s only three things he mentions in a sentence — a noun, a verb, and 9/11. There’s nothing else! There’s nothing else!”

Rudy may have moved on from 9/11 since there’s no more political hay to be made from it, but he certainly hasn’t moved on from using scare tactics to convince people of his point of view. There is plenty of evidence that this became part of the Republican playbook after the tragedy that unfolded in 2001 — a willingness to exploit the legitimate fears of average Americans for political gain — but there really hasn’t been anyone as good at it as Mr. Giuliani.

That’s why it’s so hard to take his fear-mongering seriously anymore. At least, for most of us. For Fox News, it’s still pretty easy, apparently.


On Monday, the hosts on Fox uncritically read off a tweet from the disgraced NYC mayor while showing it on the screen. The post was about violence in Chicago, a favorite boogeyman of the political right, who insist that the shootings that occur in the traditionally Democratic-governed city are directly due to liberal policies — rather than the lax gun laws in the surrounding states that allow criminals in the urban areas to obtain weapons they would not otherwise be able to in Illinois or Chicago specifically.

But as it turns out, not an hour before America’s Newsroom host Sandra Smith read that tweet on air, Fox was showing that magic number — 63 — as the number of people shot in Chicago, not the number of people murdered. That number was actually ten.

It’s not really a surprise that Fox would be as incompetent as they are when reporting on Rudy — after all, he can’t even tweet the right information himself. In his ham-handed attempt to smear Democrats and endorse candidate Garry McCarthy, his first two tweets mentioning the Republican didn’t even spell his name correctly, and he hasn’t even bothered to delete the tweets:

Watch the Fox numbers they couldn’t seem to remember while Rudy was on their minds:

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