Screencap From CNN Shows Trump’s Deteriorating Health

You are not as young as you 'feel', Donald.

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From the very beginning of Trump’s campaign days, he’s been crowing about his youthfulness and health. Even recently, he’s bragged about how “young” he is to the press — despite the fact that he’s 73 years old, making him the oldest president this country has had to date.

Regardless of all Twitter tantrums and press ravings in defense of his self-proclaimed virality, Trump’s deteriorating health has been a huge concern over the last few years, and for good reason.

Each and every time the man opens his mouth, he further confirms the widespread suspicion of dementia. He is constantly slurring his words, losing his train of thought, and rambling incoherently about things that don’t even make sense. Multiple professionals have stated that he’s is the first stages of the mind-altering disease, and slipping downhill quickly.


But above all else, despite his best efforts, Trump looks bad. Even just the quickest of glances at the man shows his age. He’s gaining weight, he doesn’t always move very swiftly anymore, and his face is certainly showing every single one of those 72 years.

One Twitter user actually captured a screenshot from one of CNN’s recent segments on Trump and it confirms exactly what we’re saying:

Of course, if Donald catches wind of this we all know he’ll blow his stack. But there’s absolutely no denying that Trump is old and getting older. His face shows the deep lines and wrinkles of his age. And let’s face it, that one eye looks downright weird. He even looks a bit confused and almost panicked, which isn’t atypical these days.

No matter how much the president harps on about his youthfulness, the fact of the matter is — the fact that he acts like a petulant child does not mean he still looks like one.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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