Sarah Sanders Reacts To Stone Arrest In Disastrous Interview, Makes Trump Look Guilty

Will she be the next to get fired for this?

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The arrest of Donald Trump’s longtime associate Roger Stone has definitely shaken things up in the White House, and no one really knows how to deal with it. This was proven with a disastrous interview by White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, who seemed to be terrified and more interested in protecting herself than the president.

During the interview on CNN, John Berman repeatedly tried to ask Sanders key questions, only to have her dance around them every time. Remarking on how strange the interview had been, CNN’s Jim Sciutto remarked:

Our colleague John Berman pressed her repeatedly and said ‘did the president encourage a senior campaign aide to reach out to Wikileaks.’ She didn’t answer the question.”

Sciutto’s co-host, Poppy Harlow, suggested it was very “telling” as Berman had raised “really direct questions about the president and what he knew about communications Roger Stone, a confidante of his for decades, had with Wikileaks about getting stolen information to hurt Hillary Clinton. There was a lot that she didn’t answer.”


Sciutto said that those questions should “have been an easy one to answer definitively.”

It raises the question here: does she know for sure? Is she perhaps protecting herself if it turns out that the president was involved in those communications, right, and [she] finds out later? This is a situation we have been with before with White House spokespeople when the truth comes out later after denials in the first instance.”

And that wasn’t the only terrible part of the interview. Somewhere during that conversation, Sanders actually suggested that “CNN is guilty” of collusion. She said:

Outlets like yours, CNN spent a significant time looking for information on Wikileaks and also reporting on it. Does that mean CNN is guilty of collusion?”

You can watch Sanders crash and burn in the interview below, and see what Sciutto and Harlow were talking about:

Featured image via screen capture

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