Former CIA Director Sounds Alarm, Says “Significant Number” Of Mueller Indictments Coming In Next “60 Days”

This is going to be major.

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While Donald Trump’s presidency is still struggling thanks to his dwindling fanbase and his pathetic government shutdown, more bad news for the POTUS has come this morning.

Early this morning, FBI agents surrounded the home of Roger Stone, Trump’s former campaign advisor. Stone was arrested on 7 criminal counts, which included lying to investigators, witness tampering, and obstruction. Let’s just say Trump should be extremely worried about this, because things are once again heating up in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

Stone’s indictment spells major trouble for Trump, and could be the start of a long thread of new indictments as more ties between the Trump campaign and Russia will be explored. This morning, former CIA director John Brennan went on MSNBC and warned that the next 60 days were going to be disastrous for the president. He said:


I expect in the next 60 days you’re going to have a fair number — a significant number of indictments. I think people are waiting for the report that is coming out from Robert Mueller. What I look for most are the indictments. It’s so rich in detail. To me all of these indictments will be basically the compendium of Robert Mueller’s, the special counsel’s investigation. I expect there to be a significant number, and a significant number of names that will be quite familiar to the average American.”

Brennan stated that everyone close to the Trump campaign should be very nervous right now. He said:

There was an extensive effort to try to influence the outcome of the election that involved the Russians, that involved U.S. persons and that may have gone to the very top of the Trump campaign. I think the shoes that are yet to drop are going to be the ones that are going to be the most profound and that will hit the people at the top of the organization.”

Things just continue to get worse for Trump, and it looks like no one is safe – not even the president’s family.

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