Robert Mueller Puts The Heat On Former Trump Adviser, Has Damning Recordings in His Possession

This could change everything.

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If you’ve been following along with DC Tribune‘s coverage of the ongoing special counsel investigation, you know that the results that former FBI Director Robert Mueller, who is leading it, have already far exceeded expectations as far as guilty pleas, convictions, and accomplices-turned-informants.

But maybe you’re getting impatient with the seemingly endless investigation, and you’re just ready for someone to go to prison. Well, there are a few already sentenced, so keep your shorts on. And besides, these investigations take a notoriously long time, even for ones that turn up nothing — like the multi-year probe into Benghazi that produced nothing, the multi-year probe into private email servers that produced nothing, and even as far back as the Ken Starr investigation of Bill Clinton that started with something they couldn’t get anything out of (Whitewater) and turned into a multi-year probe that didn’t even end with a conviction.

But now that the smaller fish are all hooked and in the pan, Mueller is turning his sights on a real shark: Roger Stone, the calculating, arrogant, always-overdressed white nationalist who advised Trump early on in his campaign and somehow always seemed to know just when certain things were going to happen regarding the competition in 2016.


Now Mueller has indicated that he doesn’t necessarily believe Stone’s insistence that his only contact with Russia-connected “transparency” group WikiLeaks, now proven to have been working hand in hand with the Kremlin to time releases of damaging information about the Clinton campaign for maximum effect.

Stone previously claimed that his only intermediary with WikiLeaks was a radio host named Randy Credico. But CNN is now reporting that Mueller is looking into allegations that Stone also worked with anti-Obama operative Jerome Corsi, a notorious “birther” who has written several right-wing conspiracy books, to propagate WikiLeaks information.

Most importantly, however, Mueller is reportedly in possession of recordings of Stone saying that he was in direct contact with the Trump campaign regarding WikiLeaks-gleaned information, in direct contradiction to everything that literally everyone has testified to in this entire investigation.

That has, in fact, been the crux of Trump’s argument against the legitimacy of the Mueller probe: That even if there was some kind of coordination by Russia to try and help his campaign, he had no formal contact on that front.

Knowing now that WikiLeaks and Julian Assange were in direct contact with the Kremlin, and that Stone was in contact with Assange, proof that Stone was in contact with the Trump campaign completes the circuit for conspiracy to steal the election.

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