Republicans Close Down Only Polling Site In Predominantly Hispanic Area

Absolutely despicable.

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Despite what you’ve heard about demographics of the country and the rising population of nonwhites in America, it’s still relatively rare to see a city that has a majority population that is anything other than Caucasian.

It’s just a fact of life that America is still comprised primarily of white people, which is why laws are written to benefit white people, why a job application that says “Jonathan” at the top instead of “Jaquan” is more likely to be considered and why a white woman can don body armor and shoot at police while leading them on a wild car chase and still be apprehended peacefully, while people of color are routinely shot at traffic stops over broken taillights.

Here and there, however, you find pockets of a certain population and every once in a while, an entire town whose people are comprised of a nonwhite majority. These are the places Republicans want you to be scared of.


The GOP is scared of them, after all.

Why else would the leaders of Dodge City, Kansas move the only polling station in the 27,000-person town to way outside city limits and a mile from the nearest bus stop?

Actually, you might even recognize the name of the Republican running for Governor of Kansas — Kris Kobach. He’s the one that Trump appointed to the federal investigatory commission tasked with finding all those illegal votes that Trump said helped Hillary Clinton win the popular vote in 2016. I’m not sure what makes him fit to lead Kansas, however, since that should have been a pretty easy task — Trump said there were “millions of illegal voters,” after all — and he failed to come up with even one.

Of course, Kobach and Kansas aren’t actually looking for voter fraud. They’re very deliberately trying to disenfranchise voters whose skin doesn’t match their own.

Maybe that’s why the one polling station in Dodge City is nearly impossible to get to for the Hispanic immigrants who make that town function.

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