Republican Voter Defends Democrats From Trump In Brutal Letter, POTUS May Never Recover

I hope Trump sees this!

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Republican voters could not be more fed up with what has happened to their party under Trump. This week, yet another conservative voters is speaking out in a public way, bashing Trump and all his supporters in the process.

In a letter published by the Laconia Daily Sun, Republican Michael Sweet slammed Trump supporters for complaining about and blaming everyone else instead of putting the blame on their president and holding him accountable. In his letter, Sweet also mocked Trump’s voters for being just as illiterate as he is, sending the paper letters with “capital letters every other sentence” and several “misspellings.” Sweet also made sure to call out the president’s chaos, which keeps the country on edge on a daily basis. He wrote:

I didn’t expect the Beverly Hillbillies to be running this great country — and they are. Barely. Don’t blame the left because he’s a screw-up — he was that way long before the White House.”

Sweet concluded by reminding Trump supporters that the president hasn’t been able to deliver on any of his campaign promises, and hasn’t helped them financially as he promised to do all throughout his 2016 presidential campaign. Sweet said:


It’s true he’s good at making money — for himself — but where’s yours that he promised?”

This is going to hit Trump voters where it hurts, because everything Sweet said is true. Trump supporters don’t want to admit it, but Trump has betrayed every single one of them and the only people who have benefited from The Donald’s presidency are the president’s own family and rich buddies. Trump is hurting everyone, regardless of whether they are Republican or Democrat. Hopefully, this letter will help Trump voters see just how badly they’ve been taken advantage of and encourage them to demand more from their president.

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