Recent Poll Reveals Majority Of Americans Want Trump Impeached Or Censured

Trump is going to explode when he sees this.

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Donald Trump has a habit of either ignoring polls or claiming that they are false (while tweeting out his own inaccurate right-leaning polls), but this is one poll he may want to pay VERY close attention to.

According to a new Harvard CAPS/Harris poll, the majority of U.S. voters – an astounding 60 percent – think that Trump should either be impeached or formally censured. Of the 60 percent of voters who think something should be done about Trump, 39 percent think he should be removed from office entirely.  Considering that the Democrats will take the House majority in January, this is a big deal and something that Trump should be highly concerned about.

These poll results come as Trump suffers one of the most disastrous times in his presidency, amid a government shutdown, disastrous foreign policy decisions, criminal investigations, and much more thanks to the campaign finance violations related to the president’s sex scandals. So far, voters seem almost evenly divided about whether or not Trump’s hush money payments should be grounds for impeachment. Mark Penn, the co-director of the Harvard CAPS/Harris poll, said:


When it comes to going after the president on campaign violations, a narrow majority of voters said it would be a repeat of 1998 when President Clinton was acquitted over charges he lied about sexual affairs.”

The poll revealed the voters are also evenly split about whether or not they think special counsel Robert Mueller may have evidence that Trump campaign officials colluded with Russia during the 2016 election. The same equal division can be applied to how long Mueller’s investigation should continue.

This poll shows that America is definitely losing faith in Trump, and while the country may be equally divided on some topics related to his presidency, it’s crystal clear that America has had enough of this reality TV star and the majority of us want him out of the White House.

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