Republican Strategist Calls Out GOP, Exposes How Terrified They Are Of Trump’s Next Move

Well this was unexpected.

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Things have gotten so dire in the Republican Party that its own members are actively mocking the GOP thanks to the spinelessness the party has shown in regards to Donald Trump.

Earlier today, Republican political consultant Mike Murphy trashed his party on MSNBC, exposing just how helpless the GOP feels while they await Trump’s next unpredictable move, unsure wether or not he will sign the next government funding bill. In doing so, he compared his GOP colleagues to day care center workers. Murphy said:

Republican congressional leaders are nervous today because they’re in the toddler management business. I think both the Republican Party and a grateful nation are imploring the White House chef, ‘don’t screw up the cheeseburger or meatloaf at lunch, keep him happy today because we need to land this plane.’”

Host Kristen Welker couldn’t stop laughing at this comparison, and Murphy was far from done. He continued:


He pushed us over the cliff once, the political pain resonated though the party, they don’t want to do it again. I do think [Trump] learned something from last time, which is don’t play poker with Riverboat Pelosi when you have no cards.

Trump has to be the hero of every story, he will manufacture a way or a larger fight about being to be the winner.”

Murphy also brought up that Trump would even attack his old BFFs like Fox News host Sean Hannity, who talked him into shutting the government down.

Sean Hannity, like a lot of personalities on cable news, is in the daily crisis business. Every day is the biggest day, you get more clicks, you get more ratings. As long as the drama goes on, I think Sean Hannity is happy. So the president may be figuring that out.”

Murphy paints a truly accurate but pathetic picture of what the Republican Party looks like now. You can watch him throw his colleagues under the bus below:

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