“Art Of The Deal” Trump Backs Down, May Abandon Border Wall Demands Over Fears He’ll Hurt Presidency

Trump just screwed himself.

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Donald Trump is really starting to piss off every racist that put their faith in him. Not only has the president promised to fight extra hard for his border wall, threatening to declare a national emergency, but the president has continued to fear-monger every step of the way. And now it seems like he’s taking a major step back.

During a press spray in the Oval Office earlier today, Trump suggested he might actually sign a bipartisan spending agreement that would avoid shutting the government down while also not allocating any funds to the border wall Trump has been whining about for months.

Sitting next to Columbian President Ivan Duque Marquez, Trump was asked if he would approve the proposal even though there wasn’t funding for the wall. While Trump said he hadn’t made a decision yet, he hinted that he wanted to avoid a shutdown. He said:


I don’t want to see a shutdown. A shutdown would be a terrible thing. I think a point was made with the last shutdown. People realized how bad the border is, how unsafe the border is. I think a lot of good points were made, but I don’t want to see another, there’s no reason for it. We will look at the legislation when it comes and I will make a determination then.”

You can watch Trump announce this below:

Clearly, Trump is terrified of the mess he’s gotten himself into. On one hand, he’s backed himself into a corner and is now forced to play tough in order to keep his fanbase. On the other, the president has also lost many Republican voters thanks to his last government shutdown, where many federal workers were forced to work without pay. Either option will have devastating consequences to his presidency.

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