Reporter Under Protection Of Secret Service After POTUS Turns Entire Rally Against Her

What happened here is exactly why Trump is dangerous - and no one should forget it.

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Donald Trump counts on Americans forgetting about his disgusting behavior during the presidential election. While the president constantly attacks the media on Twitter because he’s desperate to get America to turn against the free press, he doesn’t want anyone to remember his many calls for violence against reporters. Trump keeps playing the victim, oblivious that there’s footage of him being the perpetrator.

It’s worth revisiting a specific incident that happened during Trump’s presidential campaign because it’s one of the most disturbing consequences of having someone as unhinged as Trump in the White House. MSNBC reporter Katy Tur had been covering Trump’s campaign for over a year, during which she actually needed the Secret Service to protect her from Trump’s supporters after he turned them against her at a rally.

During that rally, Trump resurrected a grudge he’d been holding against her for unfavorable coverage in the past. Trump had wanted her to apologize, but she refused. To get her back, Trump publicly retaliated during the rally by calling her out to his supporters and saying to the crowd:


What a lie. Katy Tur. What a lie it was. Third. Rate. Reporter. Remember that.”

You can watch that moment below:

That was all Trump had to say to get his supporters to turn on her “like a large animal, angry and unchained.” The crowd’s response was so violent and terrifying, that the Secret Service actually had to escort and protect Tur while she was walking to her car. Tur called it an “extraordinary step” considering that the Secret Service normally protects people like Presidential nominees, but this situation called for extreme measures.

What happened to Tur is terrifying and is far from an isolated incident as Trump has continued to viciously attack members of the press. For his comments, Trump deserves to be heavily investigated and forbidden to incite violence on any more innocent people just because he doesn’t like what they write about him.

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