Former WH Staffer Exposes John Kelly For Disgusting Behavior, Says He’s Just Like Trump

Trump hired people who were just like him — corrupt and racist.

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Thanks to Donald Trump’s extremely unhinged behavior, the president’s Chief of Staff, John Kelly, is often considered the more reasonable, level-headed member of Trump’s White House. Compared to his insane boss, Kelly usually presents himself as the only mature adult in the Trump administration, but a former staffer has just called him out for something horrendous.

Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman went on MSNBC’s AM Joy recently to promote her new anti-Trump book, Unhinged, while she spilled the beans on how similar to Trump Kelly really is. Much like the president himself, Omarosa stated that Kelly was a racist and that he fired her because she brought up the tape in which Trump said the N-word.

When host Joy Reid asked Omarosa, “Do you think John Kelly’s racist?” it was like opening the floodgates. Omarosa said:


Oh, yeah. I mean, John Kelly thought the Civil War was about compromise. It wasn’t about compromise, General John Kelly, it was about slavery.”

Omarosa also stated that she thinks Kelly fired her because “somehow he knew that she knew there was an N-word tape from Donald Trump’s Apprentice days.”

Omarosa states there is proof, too — she said there was an email chain that will eventually be released, proving that the tape of Trump being racist exists. You can watch Omarosa’s damning interview below:

Like Trump, Omarosa is a reality television star, so some may have a hard time believing her words are the truth. However, Kelly’s own past behavior backs up Omarosa’s claims that he is racist. Not only has Kelly made disgusting comments about immigrants, but let’s not forget Kelly’s horrific slurs and treatment of black women such as Reps. Maxine Waters and Frederica Wilson. Kelly is just like his boss, and no one should forget it or give him more credit.

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