President Bush Just Gave A Perfect Eulogy At John McCain’s Funeral, Brilliantly Took A Moment To Destroy Trump

This is supremely fitting.

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George W. Bush remembered John McCain in the way only he could — with stories of their chummy manner, memories of his experiences with the Senator. But Bush is still the kind of man who banks on your desire to have a beer with him. He is not an orator, but he knows the truth of a man, and he knew the truth of the man he knew as an opponent, a political ally at times, and a friend.

In describing Senator McCain, he inadvertently described the current situation and how McCain would tell you he felt about it, if he were here eulogizing another man.

He loved freedom with the passion of a man who knew its absence. He respected the dignity inherent in every human life. A dignity that does not stop at borders, and cannot be erased by dictators. John detested the abuse of power. He could not abide bigots and swaggering despots.”

There was little doubt exactly who George was talking about, being no stranger to criticizing Donald Trump in the past.


We are better than this. America is better than this.”

Watch the former President’s speech here:

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