Photo Of Ted Cruz On Flight Has Gone Viral After He’s Busted Looking At A Picture Of His Opponent On His Phone

Is there anything sadder than a desperate man trying to figure out where he went wrong?

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Poor Ted Cruz just can’t seem to catch a break these days. Whether he’s shooting himself in the foot by airing commercials that depict his opponent as being ridiculously cool or getting caught using deceptive mailers to trick little old ladies into sending his campaign money, it seems that everything he does turns to mud lately.

But it’s not just poor campaigning that makes old Ted look like a sucker. The real problem is, he’s hopelessly uncool, and has no idea.

It may not seem important to be “cool” as a politician, but in reality, the most successful politicos can connect with voters, and especially young ones. The very LAST thing you ever want to be seen as is desperate, sad, or out of touch. Unfortunately for Ted, he is all of those things.


From his tweets being ironically retweeted with pro-Beto O’Rourke hashtags to people bringing up that time he accidentally tweeted his porn habits and blamed it on a staffer, “hopelessly uncool” almost seems like a generous characterization. And now he’s been spotted doing something that has people laughing at him almost with pity:

In case you can’t see that clearly, it’s old Ted, looking longingly at a photo on his phone of Beto O’Rourke, the bass-guitar-playing, air-drumming, skateboarding, champion of the millennials who seems poised to take his seat as the junior Senator from the Lone Star State.

Has the buttoned-down Tea Party Republican ever looked more pathetic than being caught privately gazing at photos of his opponent? Who even knows what’s going on inside that gel-slicked head of his? Is he trying to figure out what makes Beto so effortlessly cool?

We’ll never know, and you know someone’s getting fired over this photo.

Featured image via screen capture

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