Embarrassed Trump Tries To Play Off Laughter At UN, Makes Himself Look Like An Even Bigger Idiot In Front Of Reporters

He needs to stop digging that hole.

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After Donald Trump’s utter humiliation at the United Nations this morning, where he boasted about his administration’s “accomplishments” in less than two years and was greeted with uproarious laughter from the entire crowd, the President was desperate to save face.

So he did the only thing he knows how to do: He lied about it.


That is, of course, CNN’s Jim Acosta, who was present at the assembly and relaying what he heard the President say to reporters gathered after the meeting. It is not unheard of for Trump to pretend that something that went horribly awry was actually intentional. That is what narcissists do, after all.

But this time honestly seems more like a case of the President having had no idea that he would — or even COULD — be laughed at in public by world leaders. He may even have assumed that his nervous laughter along with them was some sort of joint chuckling at an inside joke, as if the gathered world leaders were conveying to him that of course he was successful, it would be hilarious to think otherwise.

That is not what happened, mind you, but it’s not unthinkable that Trump took it that way. And if that’s the case, then his remarks almost make a perverse sort of sense — he meant for people to think it was funny that he even had to tell them how incredibly, wondrously, ludicrously successful the Trump administration has been, but he just didn’t think it would get that big of a laugh.

Gosh, he must be even funnier in real life than he thinks he is privately!

Trump literally has no idea what a buffoon he looks like, and actually, how awful he makes America look every time he opens his mouth.

At this point, we are as a nation relying on the goodwill of other nations to simply understand that we are not represented by Donald Trump, despite his position of authority.

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