Pence Insider Claims “Mrs. Pence Is The Real Vice President,” Advises Her Husband Over The Phone

Mother takes no prisoners.

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Thanks to the new book, Piety & Power: Mike Pence and the Taking of the White House, by Pence insider Tom LoBianco, we’ve learned quite a few hilarious, distressing, and mind-boggling facts about the Pence family.

According to LoBianco’s book, the entire second family was quite concerned about their financial state when Donald Trump ultimately nabbed the presidency in a landmark theft by Russia. But none of them were quite as miffed by the victory as the creepily dubbed “Mother” herself, Mike’s wife Karen Pence.

“What are we going to do, Mike?” LoBianco quoted Karen as saying to her hubby during a Secret Service briefing on the morning of Nov. 9, 2016. “We don’t have any money!” he claims that she continued. “Who’s going to pay for my inaugural gown?”


Now, Trump’s inaugural committee ultimately paid for not one, but two different inaugural gowns for the new second lady, according to the author, as well as foot the bill for extensive upgrades to their Vice Presidential home after Karen allegedly demanded a staggering $1.5 million from the committee for renovations — leading LoBianco to claim that the woman has a heady obsession with money.

It’s even been reported that Karen was so vexed over Trump’s win and impending presidency that she literally refused to kiss her husband on inauguration night, reportedly telling the vice president after rebuffing two of his advances, “You got what you wanted, Mike. Leave me alone.”

But even with all of that hilariously disturbing information, nothing quite tops this newest revelation — LoBianco claims in his book that “Mother” is “the real vice president.”

Evidently, Karen has a tendency to give Mike a plethora of advice to prevent him from making just a complete ass out of himself. But she allegedly only does so over the phone — so as not to be seen in public with the dimwitted idiot any more than she absolutely has to.

So all of that nonsense you see coming from ol’ Mike is likely nonsense coming straight from “Mother” herself. She’s just plucking away at him puppet string from behind the closed curtain.

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