Infamous “Pee Tape” About To Become Trump’s Biggest Nightmare As Democrats Look To Subpoena Source

Just tell me we never have to see it.

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A Russian businessman who was revealed two years ago as the source for the allegations that Donald Trump employed sex workers in Moscow to perform unorthodox acts with him involving urine — as detailed in the mostly-verified Steele Dossier — is back in the news again as Congressional Democrats consider issuing a subpoena to finally get his testimony on record.

Sergei Millian claims to have known Donald Trump for a dozen years, but for some reason, Republicans who controlled the House of Representatives failed to issue any subpoenas for him during their “investigation” into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, despite the US intelligence community’s consensus that he was the source of the “pee tape” claims.

The Steele Dossier — which you can still read yourself, if you’re so inclined — details a trip in 2013 in which Trump allegedly hired prostitutes to perform “golden showers” for him in the Moscow Ritz-Carlton hotel, all of which was secretly filmed by Russian intelligence, who have since been using it as blackmail against the President.


There is no doubt that Millian does know Trump. There are pictures of the two of them together, including this one posted to Millian’s Facebook account almost three years ago:

Millian, pictured on the left in that photo, apparently had no idea that he would end up a source for British investigator Christopher Steele, and unwittingly revealed the bizarre sex act to a friend that Steele had been in secret contacts with.

The Trump Organization has denied the President knows Millian, which is, uh, not true, as you can see by looking back up a few inches on this page.

It would be plenty if the Democrats were only investigating the “pee tape” claims, but Millian’s contact with the Trump Organization runs much deeper, apparently — Millian claimed in an interview with Russian media that he’d met in Trump’s New York office with former personal lawyer for Trump Org, Michael Cohen, and signed a contract to promote Trump’s “real estate” in Moscow.

During that same interview, Millian claimed to have been in contact with Trump and his associates during the presidential campaign in 2016, and as the Washington Post reports, he met with former campaign aide George Papadopoulos in 2017 and offered him “a lucrative consulting contract to work simultaneously for Trump and an unidentified Russian.”

It looks like things are about to get messier for Donald Trump than the sheets at the Ritz-Carlton.

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