Americans Recoil in Horror As Trump Peddles His Own Birthday Card Begging For Signatures And Donations

Umm... No Thanks.

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Evidently, Trump’s birthday is coming up and as a result of that, his narcissism is showing.

Making the rounds on social media platforms is an ad from, featuring none other than a birthday card for Mr.Trump himself, begging for “signatures.”

On one of the “cards” making its rounds is a photo of Donald and Melania, reading “Wish president Trump a Happy Birthday. Sign the card. Paid for by Trump Make America Great Again Committee.”


There are a few different versions floating around, but of course, once you click the link and leave your signature on any of the birthday cards, which requires your email, address, and phone number, you’re then redirected to a donation form that reads “Please make a special contribution today to commemorate the President’s birthday” — basically requesting that you open your pocketbooks and make a donation to Donald’s 2020 presidential campaign.

First things first, let’s just all take a moment to laugh at the fact that not only is Trump promoting his own birthday, but he’s also begging for signatures on his “birthday card” as well as donations to his shitty campaign.

Secondly, can anyone say “gag?”

As we expected, Twitter did their duty and dragged the hell out of him, just as soon as they finished recoiling in absolute horror at the mere thought of wishing that man a “happy” anything — other than, perhaps, a happy impeachment or jail sentence.

It’s pretty safe to say that no one gives a fuck about your birthday, Donnie boy. We’re all just hoping this is the last one you partake in from the comfort of that Oval Office.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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