Paul Ryan Finally Addresses Unhinged Politics In Trump Era, Makes The Most Infuriating Statement

The Republican Party is failing America.

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Americans are desperate for some kind of adequate leadership from Donald Trump and the Republican Party, and sadly we’re just not getting it. After the country experienced three major hate crimes in the last week, the country has never looked more divided. And yet, the GOP is refusing to take responsibility.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan finally addressed the current divisive political climate that his president has created, and it was about time. Ryan should have brought this up a long time ago, but unfortunately, his response will have you wishing he’d never said anything at all. Speaking with Face the Nation‘s John Dickerson earlier today, Ryan actually blamed the division on the media, criticizing the industry for being in a “ratings chase” and not focusing more on bipartisan efforts, despite the fact that Trump appears to have no interest in that. Ryan said:

I don’t think it sells for you guys, for the media. You take a look at the bills we pass out of the House, about a thousand bills. It’s been one of the most productive sessions of Congress in a generation. And of those roughly thousand bills, over 80 percent of them are bipartisan bills. We’ve tackled the opioids, we’ve tackled human trafficking, we’ve rebuilt the military. All of those are bipartisan but they don’t get reported.

It doesn’t sell. I honestly think, John, it’s the hits and the clicks and it’s the ratings chase that’s on display in America today that says when they’re fighting each other that’s when you cover it.”

Ryan isn’t wrong to point out that there have been several bipartisan bills, but he’s conveniently leaving out the divisive behavior of Trump and the fact that there have been very partisan issues that have come up recently such as immigration, health care, and the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court.


Ryan really could have used this moment to send America a powerful statement from the Republican Party and clean up Trump’s mess. But instead, he pointed the finger at America’s free press, which has proven to be far more honest than the president and the GOP. You can watch Ryan disgrace America below:

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