Newest Poll For Midterm Elections Stuns America, Early Favorite To Win Is Revealed

Did anyone see this coming?!

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Donald Trump and the Republican Party have been acting like they aren’t worried sick about the upcoming midterm elections, but after this latest poll they are going to be.

New data from the statistical analysis website FiveThirtyEight has just reported on the blue wave that Trump and the GOP have been denying was going to happen – it looks like the Democrats are overwhelmingly going to take the House of Representatives after the midterms.

FiveThirtyEight gave Democrats an 84.9 percent chance of retaking the House of Representatives on Sunday morning, although there was only a 17.3 percent chance of retaking the Senate. Either way, it’s looking great for the Democratic Party.


The website also showed Trump and the Republican Party just how poorly they have treated and abandoned women over the last few years, stating that women will overwhelmingly vote for Democrats:

A women-only electorate would give Democrats a huge House majority: The adjusted vote share estimates suggest that women would elect 275 Democrats to just 160 Republicans, which is 44 more Democratic seats than the 231 projected Wednesday in the Lite version of our forecast,” wrote Geoffrey Skelley on Friday. “To put that in perspective, the last time either party won more than 270 seats was in 1978, when the Democrats won 278. But that was a less polarized era, and Democrats held a number of institutional and partisan advantages in the House. Since 1994 — sometimes seen as the starting point of our current political era — the Democrats’ 257-seat result in 2008 stands as the best mark for either party.”

Shelley also noted that although men were a little more likely to vote GOP, the national preference for voters in this country is looking very Democratic now:

By contrast, Skelley noted that men “were about 11 points more Republican than the country, and as such, they would elect a 249-to-186 Republican majority. But notice that the GOP seat total that men would secure is lower than the 275-seat Democratic majority that women would elect. This isn’t because men have shifted to the left but because the overall national environment is Democratic-leaning.”

We can’t say that Republicans don’t deserve this. They’ve ignored the majority of Americans in this country, and now it’s time to put some real leaders into Congress.

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