Officials From Major Federal Agency Quit In Droves Because Of Trump

They can't get out of there fast enough!

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Donald Trump can’t seem to hold his administration together. Every time you turn around it seems that someone is either leaving their job within that nuthouse or getting fired because they managed to piss in Donnie’s Cheerios in some way or another.

A recent move to relocate Agriculture Department researchers away from Washington has caused another large influx of people finding their way out of Trump’s federal administration.

According to a report from the Washington Post, both the Economic Research Service (ERS) and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), two small but very important agencies, have seen a serious uptick in employees that have left their positions since Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced the relocation plans in August.


While the USDA refused to say when they would even announce the new location for these agencies, Perdue gave a statement to the Post saying, “We don’t undertake these relocations lightly, and we are doing it to improve performance and the services these agencies provide.”

Perdue’s relocation idea, which he sold as a cost-cutting effort, came on the heels of Donald Trump’s 2019 budget proposal that would literally cut funding to the agency in half.

Brian Stacy, an economist that left ERS in February for a new job with World Bank told the Post that the political pressures being felt by the agency “seemed to fit a pattern.”

“Right after that, along came the relocation and this reorganization,” Stacey continued. “I couldn’t help in the back of my mind to think that we were somehow being singled out.”

Essentially, no one within these agencies has any idea where their department may wind up. It literally could be anywhere at this point. And most of them have families and lives where they are now. They have no desire to uproot their entire existence because Donald Trump would rather build a wall than foot the rent for their current location. So, they’re giving Trump and his administration a big, fat “fuck you” and leaving in droves for jobs that actually show them some respect.

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