NYT Just Revealed The Identity Of Trump’s Whistleblower Who Worked In The White House At The Time

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It’s safe to say that Donald Trump’s whole entire world is crashing down around him right now.

He’s becomes so accustomed to getting away with literally any and everything that he does, it seems he was beginning to feel that he could commit cold-blooded murder in the crowded streets of Manhattan and not a single soul would blink an eye. And frankly, we were beginning to believe the same.

Any man that’s gotten away with blatant obstruction of justice, colluding with the Russian government, lining his pockets with cash off of his presidency, and two dozen credible rape or sexual assault allegations (and that’s just to name a few) seems like the kind of guy that’s probably not going to get in a whole lot of trouble for much of anything.


But evidently, a phone call with Ukraine’s president in which he essentially extorted the man, threatening to (and actually doing so for a day there) withhold military funds and aid unless he gives him dirt on his Democratic opponent Joe Biden is the one thing that finally drew the proverbial line in the sand.

Trump is on the fast track to impeachment — and it’s getting to him. So much so even that he’s literally been caught on audio threatening to have the whistleblower who exposed him sentenced to the death penalty for “treason.”

Because, evidently, in his book treason isn’t really treason if you’re colluding with a foreign government. Treason is doing something that makes him look back or gets in hot water on a personal or political level. I don’t think that’s how the dictionary explains it, but whatever.

Either way, Trump best mind his P’s and Q’s in the coming hours as the New York Times has now seemingly revealed just who the whistleblower is question actually was.

According to a tweet from Breaking911, per the Times, “The whistle-blower is said to be a CIA officer who was assigned to work at the White House.”

While we have no doubt that Donald’s Twitter thumbs will be hot on this trail, his response to this, if any, had best be a careful one.

We would venture to say that Witness tampering and intimidation would likely fall under his already long list of impeachable offenses.

So, then again, go ahead and open your mouth, Trump. Take out the trash for us. Something tells me the CIA just doesn’t fuck around.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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