Eric Trump Just Posted Ill-Timed Tweet, Americans Respond: “Your Timing Is Amazing!”

Eric Trump manages to prove, yet again, he's an idiotic prick biscuit.

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We all know that Eric Trump is a thick-headed shit blossom. However, he managed to impress us all with an even new low today after taking to Twitter and tweeting at the worst time.

Considering there’s a whole issue with daddy and the way he treats his relationships with foreign countries, the worst time to tweet about a successful business deal is… like… right now.

Little Trump took to Twitter and bragged about the Scotland Trump team reaching a business deal that will allow for the creation of several developments.


Congratulations to our extraordinary @TrumpScotland team! Minutes ago, we received full & total approval for a new phase of development to include 500 homes, 50 cottages, sports center, retail & more. We also received approval to build a 2nd golf course! Very proud of them.”

Has he not watched the news? Does he not realize the shit that is going on with his dad? Daddy got caught trying to blackmail the Ukranian president into investigating the Democratic national candidate Joe Biden.

The internet responded to the tweet with the same sentiment, noting just how bad his timing was.

Seriously, someone in the White House needs to get with Eric and remind him some shit’s going down and now’s not the best time to talk about business deals in other countries.

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Tori Smith