NYC Restaurant That’s Hosted Ivanka Trump, Asks Staff To Google Guests Before Making Reservations To Keep “Poor People” Out

Oh, look. They're snobby just like she is.

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Ivanka Trump’s snobby-ass, spoiled, rich kid attitude seems to be rubbing off on the establishments that she frequents.

A posh New York restaurant, Fleming by Le Bilboquet, positioned on the city’s Upper East Side, which has bragged of hosting the likes of Ivanka Trump, Robert De Niro, and Paul McCartney — with only 20 tables that will seat a grand total of 50 patrons — has recently been the subject of scorn after staff there revealed that their management requires them to run a Google search on the names of unfamiliar guests to ensure that they are rich and famous before giving them a reservation.

According to employees of the establishment, hostesses must “pull up each unknown guest on Google according to a page-long ‘Fleming Hostess Reservation Protocol’ document,” and the staff there claim that they do so because “we want to keep the restaurant for special people only.”


Management personnel at the high-class restaurant have admitted that they do conduct Google searches on unfamiliar faces, but claim that it has nothing to do with determining their net worth.

One anonymous waiter at the establishment confirmed to the New York Post, “Yes, we Google people. There are more rich than famous people coming in but we get Robert De Niro, Paul McCartney, Ivanka Trump.”

The sources added that staff is required to clear all reservations with their manager before they confirm anything with the guest and those that don’t make the cut simply don’t receive a callback.

“We want to maintain a certain environment for our customers, rich people, even if it means we’re slow,” the waiter continued.

Of course, a representative for the restaurant, Josh Vlasto vehemently denies the staff’s claims stating, “What the staff is claiming is absolutely not true and whoever said it is making it up.”

But honestly? If Ivanka Trump likes hanging out at the place, chances are pretty good that they’re just as rude and snobby as the waiter says they are.

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