Narcissistic Trump Spent $1 Million To Wish Himself A Happy Birthday On Facebook

He is so pathetic!

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Donald Trump’s narcissism and self-absorption truly know no bounds. If he had it his way, this country would be rebranded as Trumpland and everyone across the nation would be required to tell him he’s pretty and smart at least three times a day. The man is truly and completely wrapped up in his damn self. And he made that strikingly apparent when he spent nearly $1 million bucks just on Facebook ads alone to make sure that everyone knew it was his birthday.

Donald’s birthday was this past Friday, and reports are now showing that he purchased 10,000 ads on Facebook to remind everyone that it was coming up soon, and beg for signatures and donations on his “birthday card.

All of the “birthday card” ads featured a beaming photo of Trump or his family and urged readers to sign and donate.


“HURRY! President Trump’s birthday is TOMORROW!” an ad that was purchased on Wednesday, two days before Donald’s birthday, read. “He’ll read the name of every supporter who signs his card when we present it to him on his birthday. Will he see your name?”

For a man that claims to be so revered and beloved, spending a million bucks to try to force people to tell you happy birthday and give you money is a pretty damn pathetic thing to do.

But of course, in the end, this is all just a ploy to get people to donate to his campaign fund.

Vice News pointed out:

“The users who click through to sign such ‘cards’ have offered gobs of contact information to help the president’s re-election effort build out voter lists that will be crucial to raising money. Imposing an arbitrary deadline for supporters to act, the birthday ads have been essential to a digitally savvy Trump campaign that strategists say has built out a sizable early lead over Democrats in collecting voter data.”

CEO of Veracity Media Marne Pike said, “If you can figure out how to have more than one birthday in a year, you’d be golden. Signing a birthday card is something that doesn’t seem like taking a political stance. It’s another way to bring people into the fold who wouldn’t otherwise be engaged.”

When it comes down to it, in spite of all of Trump’s self-promotion, everyone spent his birthday celebrating John McCain. So, the joke’s on him.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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