MSNBC Host Brilliantly Exposes Trump’s Single Greatest Flaw, Predicts How It Will Ruin Him

There's never been a better explanation for what's wrong with Trump.

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We aren’t even halfway through Donald Trump’s horrendous first term, and the country has already had more than it can handle. Americans are overwhelmed and tired of being bombarded by Trump’s daily f*ck ups and are beyond the point of being able to fathom the president’s actions. The president’s behavior in and out of the White House has become so dangerous, erratic, and moronic that it’s hard to know where to start when unpacking what is wrong with Trump.

While many of us have our own theories about what mental illness or mood disorder Trump has that causes him to behave the way he does, one thing is certain — Trump is his own worst enemy. In every scandal, investigation, and PR nightmare, Trump only digs himself a bigger hole. This phenomenon, which MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell pointed out was Trump’s greatest flaw last year, is something Americans witness every single day and it’s clear it will be the president’s downfall.

Last summer, O’Donnell brilliantly pointed out the one thing that would bring Trump down before all others. Now, a year later, we know just how right he was. O’Donnell said:


The president is uneducable. He cannot learn.”

O’Donnell had been discussing Trump’s investigations, and he brought up Trump’s promise to be “100 percent” willing to testify under oath. O’Donnell predicted that Trump “will break,” and explained how Trump obviously hadn’t learned anything from the Nixon era, because it “happened during that period of his life where he was concerned, according to previous testimony given to Howard Stern, with nothing other than how much sex he could have with how many women.”

O’Donnell demonstrated Trump’s inability to correct course by making an example out of  Trump’s tweets about his recorded conversations with former FBI Director James Comey. O’Donnell said:

Recording White House conversations turned out to be the single worst idea any president ever had about how to run his White House. It is a uniquely painful issue in the history of the presidency. The secret tape recordings of President Nixon’s conversations are an ugly scar on the presidency. Every president since Nixon has known that, except the uneducable president.”

Trump was already trying to retract his previous statements about those tapes existing, furiously backpedaling to avoid incriminating himself. O’Donnell warned Trump that lying under oath or refusing to testify under oath would cause “a constitutional crisis that could only be resolved through the impeachment process.”

You can watch O’Donnell explain how Trump’s inability to learn from the past will destroy him below:

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