Former POTUS Breaks Silence On Trump’s Reaction To McCain’s Death, Trump Won’t Like It

A former president exposes exactly what is wrong with Trump's petty comments.

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Former President Jimmy Carter has never been one to approve of the job that Donald Trump is doing in the White House, but the 93-year-old former POTUS is even less impressed with #45 after seeing The Donald’s unbelievable mishandling of Sen. John McCain’s death.

Yesterday, Carter gave an interview to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, where he criticized Trump for his belated and half-a**ed effort to acknowledge McCain’s service to the country. Realizing that Trump was put up to it by his team, Carter called Trump’s pathetic statement “at best adequate.” Carter noted that what Trump did was NO way to speak about an American hero who had served 45+ years in Congress, was a war hero in Vietnam, and was the 2008 GOP presidential nominee. Carter said:

I think it was a very serious mistake Trump made, and his friends and opponents corrected him, I think, quite adequately.”

It should be noted that Carter is referring to the short, pathetic tweet about Trump’s “deepest sympathies and respect” going out to McCain’s family — after smacking down and refusing to release an official White House statement created by his team to celebrate McCain as a “hero.” Trump has been trashed by his own colleagues for this show of shameful pettiness, which only got worse after Trump raised the White House flags to full-staff early, while other flags remained at half-staff.


Later, Trump released a statement that said “despite our differences on policy and politics, I respect Senator John McCain’s service to our country.” Carter remarked on the most recent events and said:

This most recent statement [Trump] made is OK. It’s still not as enthusiastic as it should be.”

We can only imagine that Carter isn’t the only former POTUS who is ashamed of Trump’s botching of McCain’s legacy. Carter also made sure to praise McCain in the interview and commended him on his bravery in the Vietnam War and for his contributions to the military and Congress. As a fellow graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Carter said:

He made me proud to be a graduate of the Naval Academy.”

You can watch Carter slam Trump below:

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