Mitch McConnell Terrified After Reporters Corner Him With Questions On Trump, Flees Scene Like A Coward

Like a turtle shrinking back into his shell.

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Nobody wants to be on the hook for answering just what’s wrong with Donald Trump these days. Although the Washington Post fact checker passed 5,000 lies from the President at the beginning of September, the pace he’s on now is out of control.

But the worst part is, we could have done something about it before that 5,000 lie mark ever rolled around.

The fact is, Republicans in both houses of Congress are suffering from a lack of leadership on what should be a cut and dry case for impeachment of the President.


When Michael Cohen pointed the finger at Donald Trump, the crimes he was admitting to — which he also admitted were done at the behest of his boss — were enough to call into question the validity of the entire 2016 election, given that he testified they were committed in an effort to affect the outcome.

Then when Trump appeared in an interview with Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt and admitted that he personally had made the payments, not Cohen, as though he somehow thought that wasn’t a crime, it became even more clear that we are dealing with a pretty sound legal case for removing him from office.

But whether or not the Democrats control the House in January — and they will — impeachment only begins in the House. A conviction must be agreed on in the Senate, and that’s where Majority Leader Mitch McConnell comes in: If he’s still the leader come January when the 116th Congress is seated, it will be incumbent upon him to do what’s necessary to correct the wrongs committed against American democracy by Trump and his administration.

So what can we expect from Mitch? No one will ever forget this:

It looks like we can expect him to be the same coward who’s been pretending to be a “dealmaker” Senator from Kentucky like his idol, Henry Clay, since he uttered his vow to make Obama a one-term President.

Mitch doesn’t have ideas. He has self-interest. And right now he’s interested in running away from any questions about the President he’s rolled over for since January 2017.

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