Hope Hicks Reveals Trump Jr.’s Emails About Tower Meeting Looked “Really Bad,” POTUS Asked Her To Cover Them Up

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Donald Trump’s attempt to cover up his and his family’s bullshit has been going on for a long time now. It’s important to note that this entire scandal has not been limited to just the president alone — his entire administration, as well as many key members of his family, have been in cahoots with the treasonous president all along.

A good example of this was exposed in one of the very few unredacted portions of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation that was released today.

On page 101 of Mueller’s report, it is described that former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks urged the president to authorize the release of Donald Trump Jr.’s emails regarding setting up a meeting between himself and a Russian agent in 2016 — but Trump told her to cover them up.


Hicks informed the president that she felt the emails in which Trump Jr. stated that he would “love it” if Russia leaked dirt they had on Hillary Clinton would look “really bad.” Hicks wanted the president to get out ahead of the story that would surely ensue by releasing the emails and simultaneously releasing a statement saying that nothing had ever come out of them.

“But the President was insistent that he did not want to talk about it and said he did not want details,” the report notes.

This is essentially proof that POTUS knew that his son was up to something and may very well have been trying to maintain probably deniability in the future — therefore he forced Hicks to bury the emails and pretend as though they didn’t even exist rather than potentially face the backlash and likely guilt that they could invoke.

Eventually, the content of those emails began to leak to the New York Times in spite of Trump’s attempts to cover them up — which ultimately led to Jr. notoriously posting the entirety of the emails to his own Twitter account.

It seems that even in the midst of such a heavily redacted report, Trump’s shadiness is still showing between the black bars.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

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