Minneapolis Mayor Releases Statement Ahead Of Trump’s Rally: “His Message Of Hatred Will Never Be Welcome In Minneapolis”

He has no love for Donald Trump!

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It seems that Donald Trump’s impending impeachment has done nothing to stop him from holding yet another one of his thinly-veiled KKK meetings disguised as a Trump 2020 rally.

Of course, given that his ego is even bigger than his racism, that really doesn’t even surprise me.

Trump’s latest hate-filled get together is going down on the 10th of October in Minneapolis, Minnesota — where he will no doubt make just as big a fool out of himself as he has all over the rest of the country.


But when it comes to this particular Trump shindig, the mayor of the town in which Trump will be subjecting citizens to his atrocious self is none too happy about Donald’s appearance.

While the official Twitter account of the Republican Party of Minnesota is apparently “overjoyed” at Trump’s impending visit, Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey harbors some much different feelings towards the “president” — and let’s just say that they mirror most of this rest of this country’s.

“Under ordinary circumstances, it would be an honor to welcome a sitting President of the United States to Minneapolis and to showcase all our city has to offer on the national stage. But these aren’t ordinary circumstances,” Frey said in a statement just shortly after news of Trump’s impending arrival broke.

The mayor went on to state that Donald has shown “he does not value the perspectives or rights of Minneapolis’ diverse communities” and added that the majority of the city he represents “will not stand behind” Trump.

“While there is no legal mechanism to prevent the president from visiting, his message of hatred will never be welcome in Minneapolis,” Frey continued in his statement.

In addition to the city’s mayor’s sentiment surrounding the “president” the city council president, Lisa Bender released a statement on her social media account as well, stating that Trump’s “hate is not welcome in the city of Minneapolis.

“I know this event will cause stress and fear — the city will do all we can, and ask for support, in keeping everyone safe,” Bender’s tweet read.

Trump was already a rather unloved person across this country and now that his impeachment is impending folks are even more willing to share their dismal feelings regarding the man.

But you have yourself a good time in Minnesota, Donald! I can only hope the baby blimp will be there to greet you.

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