Ivanka Posts Tweet Referencing Star Wars, Luke Skywalker Responds

Bullseyed like a womp rat.

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It looks just like some regular old family tweet at first: Ivanka posts a picture of the family room of their house, kids playing — one in a costume, the others assembling something on the coffee table — mom and dad dressed up to go somewhere, room a little messy, pithy caption on the photo…

And then you look a little deeper: Do they live in a hotel? Who has all-white everything? Even the toys scattered on the table range in color from white to dove grey to ice blue — nothing even as dark as Ivanka’s naturally dishwater blonde hair. With the way the parents are dressed, clearly, a nanny is just out of frame, ready to care for the kids and clean up the mess.


It’s all a lie.

But the giveaway, the dead giveaway is the costume combined with the caption. I haven’t bothered to find out what kind of children Ivanka Trump has, like their names or genders or anything, but the one dressed up like the Stormtrooper from Star Wars is obviously the inspiration for the photo caption. But, and I am kind of outing myself as a nerd here, a 4-year-old who has seen one of the movies one time while being distracted by an iPad, a crying infant, and a bowl of Cap’n Crunch could tell you that the fucking Stormtroopers are the bad guys and DON’T have the Force.

Sorry, I think this thing got away from me here for a minute, where was I? Oh yeah, Ivanka has obviously never seen Star Wars.

You know what, though? Even though my heart is racing with the deep, deep offense I take to this tweet, once again, a hero rises to save me from succumbing to the Dark Side myself:

I bet she’d understand Luke’s point if all of her plastic surgery had been done with a light saber.

Featured image via screen capture

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