Michelle Obama And George W. Bush Caught Sharing Awesome Moment At McCain Memorial; This Is What Bipartisanship Looks Like

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Michelle Obama and George W. Bush shared a single tender moment today during the memorial service for Senator John McCain, exemplifying the kindness that used to stretch across the political aisle before polarization tore the country in two.

It would be unheard of now for Donald Trump to even allow himself to be seated near a former President he might be compared to in any way, let alone along the same row, side by side. But that’s exactly what we saw with the Obamas and the Bushes at Senator McCain’s funeral today, each man to the right of his wife, placing Michelle shoulder to shoulder with George, with whom she has always had a good relationship.

Then all of a sudden it looked like my mom in church:


It’s a little sad that this is where we’ve come in America now — celebrating the tiny bipartisanship of sharing a piece of candy in a church. Nevertheless, it’s a welcome break from the anger and vitriol we now see day in and day out in Washington, and perhaps will serve as a reminder to the Republicans in attendance at the service that they once used to be civil servants that could actually be called “civil.”

Could the memorial service for a man who made a career out of bucking the wishes of his party be just the reminder that Congress needs that they used to actually work together?

Featured image via screen capture

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