Melania Responded To Trump’s Feud With Omarosa, Gave Him Advice He Completely Ignored

He doesn't listen to ANYONE's advice — why would he listen to his wife?

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According to a report today from Axios, the President was counseled by multiple advisers — including the person who should be his number one adviser, Melania — not to engage in back and forth with former White House aide and Apprentice co-star Omarosa Manigault-Newman. Omarosa has made the news circuit her home for most of the last few days as she prepared for the release of her new memoir Unhinged, which is already a bestseller on its first official day of release.

The First Lady, according to Trump himself, advised him to “stay above” the fray. Trump said that he was warned it would only boost Omarosa’s book sales. To me, that sounds a bit like Trump is a) making excuses for why the book is already a bestseller, and b) trying to make it sound like the news that recorded audio exists of him using an incredibly offensive racial slur is just some kind of fracas between him and an ex-employee.

Instead of following that advice, however, Trump reverted to his most base instincts: His reality television self.


Tweeting uncontrollably, Trump continued to dig the hole deeper and deeper in the dispute until finally he started in with more horrible insults — this time calling Omarosa a “lowlife” and a “dog,” only right into the microphones.

No one who has observed Trump retaliating publicly against former employees or adversaries could ever claim that the President has spoken to any white person the way he talks about and TO black Americans.

But then Trump’s racism isn’t much of a secret, with even the UN Human Rights Commission issuing a statement this year that actually called the President a racist in no uncertain terms, citing his use of the phrase “shithole countries” and his public preference for immigration to be coming from predominantly white-populated countries.

This feud shows no signs of slowing, and if Omarosa’s ever held to her vow to work with the Special Counsel for “anything they need,” Trump will be beside himself.

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