Melania Gets Caught Up In New Immigration Fiasco, This Makes Trump Look Really, Really Bad

Trump would NOT want this sort of thing to get out about his wife.

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Donald Trump’s hateful, racist stance on immigration is one of the most terrible things about his cursed presidency. Despite having a wife who immigrated to this country and completely ignoring this country’s history, Trump has continued to attack and make life harder for those coming to America.

Unfortunately for Trump, there’s an immigration issue that is just coming to light now — and it involves the First Lady! While Trump has been doing his best to prevent people from becoming citizens due to their pasts, it turns out that Melania Trump’s father, Viktor Knavs, has a criminal history.

This was discovered when Melania’s biographer, Igor Omerza, went through Yugoslavia’s online database of police archives, only to find out that Knavs had a criminal record. What’s more surprising is that despite this, Knavs just became a naturalized American citizen. Of course, we all know that Trump’s main goal as POTUS was to benefit himself and his buddies instead of the American people, but this is disgusting because Trump has denied so many others citizenship.


In Knavs’ entry, it was noted that Knavs “is registered in the criminal record” with the Yugoslav penal code of articles 226 and 235 of the Yugoslav penal code. Article 226 pertains to “the acquisition, sale or production of goods without the explicit permission of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia” — which could earn one up to 8 years in prison. Article 235 involves tax evasion, which could earn up to 10 years in prison. There was no information about a conviction, charge, or investigation.

Unfortunately, these allegations were made over 40 years ago, so their severity is unclear. But now that this information is coming to light, immigration lawyers are speaking out. David Leopold, an immigration attorney, explained that a conviction of tax fraud could actually have stopped Knavs from getting a green card — and now it might be a factor in revoking his citizenship. According to Leopold, his application could be jeopardized if there was evidence of a crime of “moral turpitude” — and that tax crimes can sometimes fall in line with that.

The Daily Beast reached out to the First Lady’s office with questions about her father and his citizenship but were not granted any answers. Instead, Melania spokesperson Stephanie Grisham merely said that it was their policy not to “comment on her parents as they are not part of the administration and deserve privacy.” Figures. One thing is for sure — this makes Trump look even worse.

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